Downloads for strongSwan and its NetworkManager plugin and Android app


Binary Packages

The simplest way to get strongSwan is to install the binary packages provided by your distribution. Our installation instructions provide links to common distributions and information for building strongSwan from sources.

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Current Release

Version: 5.9.13

2023-12-01, size 4'825'644 bytes, pgp-signature,
md5: 9ada6be0c89846fb7ded1787a17cfbb2
2023-12-01, size 7'906'296 bytes, pgp-signature,
md5: 24e3866d2fe6620dc10f218126bf0acb

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Version: 5.9.14dr1

2024-02-22, size 4'859'079 bytes, pgp-signature,
md5: a0899c59e17831fad9791eb4b52efe2e

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Version: 6.0.0beta5

2023-12-02, size 5'988'621 bytes, pgp-signature,
md5: b7a80bf77aeb62dec0df9f6e0fa74952

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Security Patches

Security patches are available for older releases. See our blog for corresponding advisories.

Signature Key

strongSwan releases and security patches are signed with the PGP key with keyid DF42C170B34DBA77.

Download mirrors / Older versions

Older releases can be found on our download mirrors:

Try strongSwan via Docker

Docker images are available to easily try out strongSwan. There is one for regular releases and another for pre-releases of strongSwan 6.0 that supports post-quantum cryptography.

NetworkManager Plugin

strongSwan's NetworkManager plugin is available as binary package for several distributions (e.g. network-manager-strongswan on Debian/Ubuntu). For an introduction and how-to see our docs.


Current Release

Version: 1.6.0


2022-05-16, size 302'787 bytes, pgp-signature,
md5: c9314b1df92d693afe2a78217f897a2c

This version supports GTK 4 (in addition to GTK 3), but doesn't support compiling against libnm-glib anymore.


Previous Releases


2020-05-19, size 300'735 bytes, pgp-signature,
md5: 164afb79d1c9447c3abefa3faa7fc7f1

This version requires strongSwan 5.8.3 or newer, it's not compatible with older releases.


2019-05-20, size 306'689 bytes, pgp-signature,
md5: 157db6b445dbe6014ef3473f31744334

This version works with older strongSwan releases, but doesn't support the new features introduced with 5.8.3.

Signature Key

Releases of the NetworkManager Plugin are signed with the PGP key with keyid 765FE26C6B467584.

Older versions

Older releases can be found on our download server:

Android App

The strongSwan Android app can be installed from App stores, or manually by downloading the APK from our download server.

Current Release

Version: 2.5.1

Google Play F-Droid


Manual Download

2024-02-26, size 13'946'396 bytes, pgp-signature

Signature Key

Android APKs are signed with the PGP key with keyid 765FE26C6B467584.

Older versions

Older releases can be found on our download server: